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We are both overjoyed with how they look. Your hard work has paid off with a wonderful pattern that will suit the needs of all moms with young kids — boys, girls, and multiple ages all in one!

A fruit of this effort was Voluntary Product Standard PS , which defined boys' sizes from 2 to 24, including odd-numbered sizes, with additional husky and slim sizes from 6 to In the early 's the Department of Commerce decided to get out of the clothing size business.
Dive in to swim lessons in UPF 50+ boys' swimwear. Layer on hoodies and jackets that last adventure after adventure, wash after wash. And when long days are done, dream on in our cozy pajamas.
Suitable for both boys and girls, this pattern can be made from a variety of light- to medium-weight woven fabrics like quilting cotton, denim, canvas, chambray, and linen. The Sunny Day Shorts free sewing pattern is also perfect for customizing.
Look Sharp in Our Perfectly Fitted Boys Formal Clothes! The best way to get accurate measurements is to measure a piece of clothing that fits the child well. Use a measuring tape, not a ruler!. If you measure the child (and not a piece of clothing), you will need to add extra inches for the child to fit into the piece of clothing.
Size - Bottom 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Waist 21½ 22½ 23½ 24½ 25½ 26½ 27½ 28½ 29½ Hip
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A big thanks already for your fun pdf and online help! Hi Dana, Just downloaded the shorts pattern. Thanks for the great instructions! ThaNks for putting out this fantastic pattern, Dana! I made my first pair for my son turning 1 and love them. I love these shorts! I like to know if you can use these short patterns to make trousers as well for the various sizes you have. You can definitely turn these into pants…. Use a pair of pants your child already has to gauge the length. The shorts come in sizes 12 months to 10 years.

These are so cute. And thank God, my picky skirt-wearer agrees too. I just bought the pattern and I am thrilled to try it out. What type of fabric did you use for the orange pair? It looks really thick! And the plain orange and white? Where did you find them?

Please is there another way I could buy this pattern? My granddaughter is just a little peanut! I am wanting to buy this pattern I will when I am done commenting but I am curious if you have instructions on matching the pattern of the fabric at the seams? Like when you have the gingham shorts and the boxes match up at the front?

I want to know how to do that part. You just need to cut the pattern pieces on the same line of the fabric to make the pieces match….. I was wondering if these can be made in knit?

I am sure someone has already asked, but there are so many comments…Thanks! Hi Dana, Do you have any suggestions for making these shorts lined or reversible? I am from Brighton, in Britain. I found the pattern ran a little smaller than average, but your measurement chart was spot on so I just made the larger sizes age for my 4 year old, and age 6 for my 2 year old! Here are some pics of the strawberry shorts I made our littlest girl: Well Dana, you made my day again.

This pattern is exactly what I was looking for! Do you think I could add a contrasting ruffle on the hem of these shorts? Any pointers as to how to do that? That would be really fun! I would just sew the ruffle to the hem with right sides together and then top stitch the ruffle so it lays flat.

I have made 4 pairs of shorts in sizes 2 and 3y in both flat front and regular girls regular hem length. The crotch seam regularly does NOT line up correctly.

Meaning there is more fabric on the each end near the leg holes. What am I doing wrong? No one else seems to be having this problem. I can send you a picture if it helps. The rise, or crotch area, of the front and back are different sizes so that you have more room in the back for a bum. I have been searching for a cute pair of shorts for my son but this has options for my daughters, too!

I especially love Jen D. Is a Kid-Pants all-sizes pattern going to be available? I paid for this pattern and downloaded it but its not opening properly, is there something else I need to do? Hi Dana, I purchased your shorts pattern a fair while ago and my computer recently crashed- my patterns subsequently lost forever.

Any chance you could please resend it please? So glad I decided to take a peek at the kid shorts pattern page! I want to make my daughter some new school uniform pants and I made them pj pants for Christmas which they all loved.

However, I figured they should be a little more tailored for school pants. Enter the Kid Shorts pattern!!! Especially important since the alternative is skirts and it is way too crazy cold out for that! Hi Dana, I am just wondering where I went wrong with the shorts pattern of yours? My daughters waist size! The elastic is great but the shorts are skin tight on my daughter.

Do you have more information on hip sizing and ease on the pattern so that the shorts look more like the ones that you have made for your kids? I look forward to your reply. Hi Dana, I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding the shorts fit. I want to make another pair for my daughter. I really had to search for the correct seam allowance I was meant to use and eventually found that mentioned on one of your tutorials.

Please help me work out the size shorts I should be cutting out! I want to make her some PJ shorts and some Flat front shorts and she really love the scallop hem shorts! I love your site, it has some amazing inspiration! I also want her to learn to sew so if things she makes do not fit her then she will lose heart! Thank you in advance for your time! I should add that I live in south Florida so we are in 84 degrees out today. Now that Spring is on its way we will soon have them to buy.

Right now I am out of options for my son. I was hoping you might be able to tell me how to size them up further. My son wears a size 8 in the waist and hips but a size 6 or 7 in the length. According to your waist chart he is WAY over. Today he is wearing Old Navy knit waistband cargo shorts in size See how I am confused?

My other twin can wear size 4 and 5. I think I would love your shorts but they will not work for my twin 5 year olds. Could you tell me how to resize or maybe help with sizing? I bought the pattern today without my children to measure. First I love this pattern so much!!!

But my 11 year old son has outgrown it and my 12 year old is begging for a pair. Will you please please please with a cherry on top extend it to a 14 or 16????? Your methodology for sewing shorts is much different than mine, lol. I sew each leg together and then put them inside one another and sew the inseam. To each her own, I guess. That takes so much time!

Anyway, I was looking for a simple shorts pattern to use in making skorts, and I can use this for years to come. She wears size 18 months usually and cloth diapers. Should I have used the basic shorts? Perhaps the flat front is not for chubby thighs?

Thanks for any advice. My first time making shorts and so far both pairs came out great! Oh, he is thin and wears underwear, if he was still a chunky guy as he was at one I would have measured him before making them, also knits are great if people need a little extra stretch because their child has chunky little legs. I just bought the pattern and was excited to sew my son some new shorts since he is between sizes in RTW clothing.

I sewed up a test pair in size 9 and they barely fit over his thighs. What fabric did you use for your boy shorts in the video? I have such a hard time buying boy fabric for my older boys that does not make the clothing i make them look super homemade and homely looking.

Made my third pair of shorts yesterday and they came out great! I bought the pattern a year ago, and cannot find the download. I used the size 10 and need the 7. I cannot seem to find the download. How do I re-download the pattern. Thanks for your help.

Dana, You are a gem. The shorts tutorial are absolutely great. You made sewing so easy and alive. I can wait to make these shorts and pants for my grandson. Thanks for the great pattern and detailed tutorial, I managed to whip up a pair of shorts during nap time. It is definitely the best pattern I bought to date. And the instructions for all the various styles are here on my site: Short shorts — create.

LOVE the shorts patterns. I need larger sizes. Do you have plans to add more sizes? I just wanted to say that at first i did not see the value of buying your pattern and I know I am not the only sewer who may think this. Especially since many of us can make our own patterns as well as purchase from local stores where we dont have to use ink and paper for a similar price.

However, your patterns are extremely easy to use, once they are stored on the computer I dont have to print what I dont need nor do I have to waste sizes like I do when using a commercial bought pattern. Thank you so much. We are sewing up kids clothes quick and fast here in Houston, neighbor. My 8-yr-old granddaughter told me not long ago that she wanted to sew something, so she and I decided to sew flat-front racer shorts for her.

We are both overjoyed with how they look. Cute as can be. Looking forward to using many more of your patterns. Hey Dana thank you for your blog I love it! I have been making quite a few of these in flat fronts and people keep sending them back to me because they are too small, is the seam allowance included?

Yes, the seam allowance is included, of course you can always add more in if you would like. If you find that the pattern runs small I have heard mixed reviews on that from customers. Some say it fits perfects, some say it runs small. Hard to fit all body types! I am a beginner and recently printed out a free pattern from pinterest and it was a FAIL, hahaha! Can I purchase pattern and come back later to print other sizes or pages or does it all need to be done the time in which purchased?

When you purchase, you are sent a link to download the pattern. Once you download it, save the pattern to your computer, then you can print the various sizes whenever you need them!

Desperately wanting to purchase your kids shorts pattern but do not have a paypal account or Ipay. Do you have alternative payment method I can use. I am from the UK and would be very grateful for your help.

Yes, my shop takes credit cards also. You can purchase the pattern here: Hi Dana, I just started sewing as a hobby and loved your videos on youtube. They are very inspiring. I recently bought the basic kid shorts pattern from your store and made a pair of shorts for my 20months old. He is on a skinnier size so I went with the 18months pattern. I also added pockets on the front based on the pattern. Now I need your advise on a couple of questions I have — 1. When cutting the pattern it says in the instruction to cut on the pattern colored line.

Should I be leaving a seam allowance while cutting or is it taken into account already? How do I increase the size now on the shorts that I already stitched? Do I need to seam rip the entire band and the side seam? They are shorter on the side seam. They fit perfectly well length -wise 3. Should I try 2yr old pattern next time?

Yes, just cut on the colored lines, you do not need to add more for seam allowance, unless you want a more roomy fit, you can always do that! And if you want to go up a size, do it! You can always keep the elastic at their waist-size. I purchased the simple shorts pattern and made the size 2 year. I am a bit confused as it seems to be tiny. Thank you, for any clarification. Hi Lisa, Sorry for the confusion. If you find that they run too small, you can always go up a size!

And just keep the elastic smaller for their waistsize. But who knows what the future holds. You can always use a pair of shorts that she currently owns to help gauge your sizing. Or go buy something at a retail shop, and use that to help extend your pattern pieces so they fit her size. Click a tutorial button below to get started: Ready to sew shorts?? Bring on the Summer! You are the master of presentation. Love all the fun, bright, colorful pictures!

I am so excited! I needed a Zoe project! PS your kids are perfect models! Baby girl is growing waaay too fast! I think the way you put the pattern together is a fabulous thing. I love your tutorials.. Tks soooooo much i had some fabric so i could start i just finished the first ones.!!!! Hopefully that answers your question! I LOVE your daughters red and pink headband. Is there a pattern for that headband? How nice for you to share all that great info and patterns!

Can u please email? Hope to hear a response. Love this pattern and have already made the basic and the racer for my 9 month old son! Kimono Top size 6m-8y email for pattern. Unisex vest size 12m-5y. Hooded sweatshirt size 8y. Woven shirt size 4y. Raglan Tee size 6y.

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Pajama pants size y.

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