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January 3, On the other hand, most women want to be individuals, but they don't want to look like skanks. Your Wild-at-Heart Wardrobe free-spirited finds.

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Women's Trousers, Leggings & Sweatpants. Add a refined touch to your wardrobe with our range of trousers, leggings, joggers and sweatpants available in an extensive range of colours, sizes and styles.
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When i DO find something, becuz of the remote hamelt i live in, it is never available to me so i must look elsewhere. It is nothing for me to second-hand shop for the fabric's alone and remake them into something worthy. I have been blessed with slender legs, hips. Have never been one to want to let alone 'do' the "hoo-ha" come and get it routine so personally i find your advice common sense!

Perhaps there are those who needs a dish of this every now and then. Btw - love your hair! Julia, Bless you my child. I wish I could sew Found a great looking pair of just below the knee, low heel boots. I'd like to wear them with jeans tucked in, but not sure it's appropriate for my age.

What do think about older women wearing this style of boot? I think it will look fabulous. I'm 61 just turned 61 today and I wear my jeans tucked in all the time. Everyone loves the look. It's a fun look. You're about my height and a little thinner, so you'll look fab! Tina Boomerinas, just found you today and so glad I did! Love, love, love this article. As a shorter gal over 50 who loves an on trend look, I've shied away from leggings.

Seen to many other somethings doing it all wrong you know, like the Walmart pictures. I had a good idea of the rules you laid out but the fear of the dreaded "short middle aged lady trying to look young label" kept me from it.

Thanks for the confidence! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Sometimes I wonder if people get my jokes or if my references are too obscure. I'm sure that non-boomers don't get any of what I say. I've haven't seen the site yet to be able to comment; "Leave a Comment" popped up right after the site loaded. My webgirl was changing some things on the site. I hope you can see the article now. If you ever saw the movie, What about us pears? Huge hips, big thighs and lower belly, small waist and boobs.

I wear 3 sizes bigger in pants than I do in tops. What a drag to find suits separates only or skirts A-line or full only and then there's no jacket or sweater to match in both sizes I need.

As a professor, I cannot wear denim - no "dress down " days on our campus for faculty ever. Very hard to find slacks for pears. I notice you write for apples, but not pears. Don't forget your pear sisters, please. Wow, I would much rather be a pear. I interviewed a few people for an article about pears because it's a bit outside of my area of expertise. I hope this helps http: Pants are so horribly hard to fit If this site is for women 50 and up how come most of the photos are young girls in their 20s??

I am looking for good looking clothes ideas for women my age 64 in pictures of women my own age. Could that be accomplished?? I love your advise and writings, but would seriously love to see photos of women my age. I would love to post photos of women who are in their 50s or 60s I'm 61, so I feel exactly the same way you do. And, every now and then I find good pics of "older" women wearing the clothing I want to write about However, I mostly use free photos from a fashion PR website.

My husband doesn't like to take more than a few pictures at a time and it takes about 10 photos to get ONE halfway decent one of myself.

Also, I can't run out and buy new clothes everytime I write an article. In addition, I refuse to steal photos - to cut and paste - on my website without permission. It is a breech of copyright. That's what most bloggers do. I'm a former painter and I respect copyright laws. If you would like to read more about why I use younger models, I have a swimsuit article dedicated to just that subject: Thanks for your response and I really understand. Pretty sad that the PR sites can't even produce stuff for the range either.

Maybe we should start a campaign. Would you believe they cancelled Kathy Bates' last show Harry's Law because most of her viewers were "old"? I nearly had a stroke on that one!! We are considered a burden and the young and beautiful would prefer we were gone. To bad they don't realize it will happen to them all to soon too.

I probably sound a tad bitter. I don't mean to. I am just sad that we are the first generation descendents from the greatest generation and we are considered at best a burden. We are old beauties.

Not only are those young chicks and dudes going to be old someday if they are lucky , but I can't understand why television stations wouldn't want to cater to the generation that has all the money collectively, boomers are the wealthiest generation.

I'm with you on the Notice Us Seniors campaign. I'm going to email you about that. Yes, we are old beauties!! The young today don't think far enough ahead to realize they will be our age one day. They are living life now much as we did at their age. We had more respect for those older than us. The younger generation have no respect for themselves let alone the elders. TV stations are basically run by those younger ones who see us as a burden.

It never dawns on them the money is with our generation. I do think we need to get our generation to open their eyes and remind them we are still vital and valuable. I'm sorry I didn't post this comment earlier. I had a family emergency and had to fly to California for a few weeks.

I totally agree with you. I hope things are ok now. We don't have long and we seriously need to get the seniors to realize they are in big trouble with this government we have and it has to be us to keep it from going downhill any further. Many think Obamacare is great for them. Once they get really sick they are going to find out that it wont be there for them. Finally a serious and still not too serious - I had a laugh or four;- article for me 53 , who hate when pants get too tight - and they eventually do ;- , and still feel like me read 25 years young chick but realize when looking in the mirror that I'm quite mature and perhaps should find a more mature style?

BUT i love leggings! Wore them in the 80s and so happy they're back! My belly likes it. Our generation can't look back - digging into our memories - at our moms and kind of get the picture of the right style for a woman in her 50s don't know if someone ever could.

So I'll definitely have a look at your other articles about the subject - and when I'm in doubt: Thanks for your comment. And, when I'm in doubt. I ask my daughter. I don't know if I put that in this article, but I should have.

I wish I knew. The leggings I used to buy are unavailable. I'm looking around right now. Anyone have any tips? Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

I wear leggings all the time Anyone have any fave brands? I always seem to feel like I'm missing something when I wear leggings. I don't understand how some women wear them and you can see everything butt crack and all. Even extremely young children often look silly when they wear pants as leggings. You can see their diapers. I have done skinny jeans with boots and knit boot socks. In Texas, everyone wears all kinds of boots all year in many ways.

I would like to know your opinion and would love to wear them with flats B You're not very old. You say you're over 50, but you sound like a young fifty. You're not a teenager, but you're not an old biddy. C You're in shape. A lot of women in their 30s can't say that. I certainly can't say that about myself. D We don't want your tootsies to get cold when those silly people crank up their air conditioners.

I don't live in Texas, but I wear boots year round in Seattle. They're fun and they're easy to walk in. You can certainly wear boot socks and leg warmers with any kind of boots. Personally, I love printed socks that peek out above knee boots or ankle boots. As for wearing socks with flats, I'm seeing a lot of fashion photos from London where the model is wearing brogues with ankle socks. They even show brogues and socks with dressy skirts and party dresses. I think it's a hipster look.

Anyway, it's super trendy. You're ahead of your time. Brogues are like menswear lace-up shoes. I'm not very familiar with leg warmers, except for scenes in Flashdance, and I'm trying to picture them with flat shoes.

I think you could wear leg warmers with ballet flats and tights if you're wearing a flared or long skirt, but I'm not sure how leg warmers would look over jeans if you're wearing flat shoes.

All you can do is try different combinations and trust your own judgment. Experiment with different things. Try putting socks under leg warmers. Try leg warmers that blend with the jeans. Try leg warmers or boot socks that contrast with the jeans. Play with this and have a little fun. If you're talking about wearing leg warmers or socks with flat boots ankle boots or knee boots or cowboy boots , that's a very chic look right now.

Even if it wasn't trendy, I think you can tell what looks good on your own body. If you want to try wearing something new that no one else wears, you might end up starting a new street style. Just don't wear leg warmers with shorts. Actually, I go by French rules. Adults don't wear shorts unless they're at the beach or on the farm or playing tennis. Other than obvious things like that, it's your body, and you know what looks good on it.

If one of your fashion experiments goes all wrong, you'll be able to tell you've gone too far when people start treating you a bit differently. But, even if that happens, all you have to do is take off your leg warmers. It's not like removing a tattoo.

So, go ahead and experiment with fun ways to keep your legs warm and make a new fashion statement. I love wearing leg warmers as they add bulk to my legs, I have very muscular calves but skinny ankles so when I wear skirts with tights or leggings my legs look funny, leg warmers hide the fact my calves are like those on paintings of Henry 8th but with thin ankles, either leg warmers or boots. Summer I live in lagen look. If it's too teenager you will only look ridiculous.

As an older woman you must make yourself look comfortable and effortlessly put together. It's called style and your style should be polished and classy,not clubby or trashy. To me nothing looks worse than seeing older women in their 50s and up ,trying to look It only makes you look desperate. Leggings tucked in high heel boots looks cheap on an older woman. A better classy look is leggings with low heel boots. And when everyone from a tyke to an older woman is wearing it,it's time to ditch it.

It no longer looks fresh and modern. I'm sure you're right, but I really DO look better in heels. I have a square, stocky build I wear flat boots when I'm walking long distances or on vacay in Europe most of the time. The high-heeled boots I wear are not stilettos or skinny heels. That would be trashy. I wear thick, block, chunky heels. I'm sure I'm not very good at aging gracefully, but I don't think I'm trying to look like a teenager.

I'm trying to balance my body. I agree with that. However, there is a segment of the population outliers that need to alter the rules. I have both flat and high-heeled boots. I wear whatever looks best with the outfit. I'm sure if you saw me you'd be so busy looking at my hat du jour that you'd never even notice my boots. T, I would much rather wear flats.

They are more comfortable. However, I feel more confident in heels. It's because people treat me better when I'm taller. It's a visceral thing, but it's real I would never tell women not to wear boots with heels. It's a little different in Europe. Flats are expected there. Im 56 in shape and I still ware high heel, But I'm getting confused, like you said I don't want to look like a teen ager but I want to look great. I don't like the flat boots or shoes ,,,love the hats. Hi there, i am a 70 year old grandma and like to dress moderately casual but not like i am trying to look like a teenage wanna be.

My daughter gave me ugg boots as a gift. I only see them worn with tights or jeans. I need ideas how to wear them at my age. Anyone can wear uggs with leggings. You just need to make sure you wear a top or jacket that's long enough to cover your tush Just make sure the leggings are thick enough not to look like tights.

It would look a little weird to wear uggs with tailored slacks I don't wear jeans I'm 62 and I find them uncomfortable , but I wear jeggings They look like jeans. If you don't want to tuck leggings or jeggings into your boots, you might be able to roll up your pants to make them like crops. When done right, it's very trendy. I would not wear tailored slacks like the kind with the crease with uggs.

You must use casual pants. You can roll up any casual pants or jeans they don't have to be skinny jeans but you should roll the pants up above the boot tops so people know it's intentional. Wear printed socks under your pants. Or wear printed socks and scrunch your pants into the somewhat-scrunched socks to hold everything in place. It's supposed to look a little sloppy and that's the fashion look of the day.

If you want everything all folded and neat and perfect looking, it won't work. Women wear uggs with short skirts but it's a little trickier and I wouldn't do it without tights. I just realized you could wear your uggs with sweatpants. You can tuck your sweats into the boots or roll them up above your boots.

That might be something you'd wear. Other than that, the only thing left is longer, maxi or midi skirts. I think you can wear uggs with almost anything that's casual if you play with proportions. I've worn chunky snow boots with long, flowing, winter skirts. If everything in your closet is tailored, it won't be as easy This is the easiest top to wear with leggings or jeggings and it might be your best bet other than sweats which are very trendy too http: I'll find some photos and email them to you if you're on pinterest.

I am also an apple shape as well. My daughter's, and my friends and my husband say that I look great and when people meet me they think I'm only in my early 40s too. I used to think they just said that to be kind.

LOL Maybe they really mean it as both my parents whom are in their late 70s now only look like their in their 60s. So I'm not trying to sound vain but I think it's my genetics. Sometimes I worry that I dress a bit too young at times but my 2 adult daughter's are always very honest and tell me so when I have occasionally done so and I do take their advice and never wear whatever it is again.

I also have recently died my hair too to nearly black with underlying deep purple highlights as its gone an awful mousy brown with greys and my hair can grow longer now than it ever could when I was young and a natural blonde back then. I also got my first two and only two small tattoos on my ankles back in when we were in Thailand.

Some might say that I'm having a "midlife crisis"? Thanks to reading quite a few of your posts today I am no longer feeling depressed about being my age, menopausal and growing older etc. As like many women our age Ive always had a fear of either ending up dressing like a frump because thats what society expects of women that are older or that maybe I could end up looking like "mutton dressed as lamb"? LOL However now I feel ok about getting older and that I can still have my own unique style and that I can still have fun with fashion as Ive done all my life.

I agree with all your comments about leggings too as what you've written about them is exactly how I wear them too. Thank you so much Tina-Boomarina for creating such a wonderful site about fashion for all of us baby boomers whom like to grow old with style.

Finding your site has stopped me feeling so down and so depressed about myself, menopause and other Major health issues that I am facing atm. I can't thank you enough and I'm looking forward to reading so much more of your writing on here where you give great practical advice with a wonderful warm sense of humour as well: I love fashion and would rather age "disgracefully rather than boringly conservative and gracefully".

LOL You've probably guessed by now that I love writing too. No woman wants to look like a GrannyFrump. Boy oh boy, do I understand that. It's a balancing act, for sure. Fortunately, you have your daughters to tell you if you go too far. Until then, feel free to push the limits, while using your own good taste. And, your hair sounds amazing. If my husband weren't around to freak out, I would make my hair bright pink.

It's my best color with clothing I'm afraid of tattoos, but the idea keeps popping back into my dreams, so who knows. Hey, why age gracefully when you can age disgracefully? That should be our motto! I'm sure you look fabulous and, I hate to break it to you, but the fashion police are all so old they have cataracts and can no longer drive around to hand out citations. Leggings are only vulgar and disgusting if worn as pants.

If worn correctly, they are more like tights. Tina, your humour always gets me. I really enjoy your sartorial contribution to making our world a comfortable place to live. Here in South Africa, women often very large are totally comfortable with their bodies, and leggings abound. Africans do not understand our insecurity about our bodies, and confidently wear all fashions, whether they "suit' their body shape or size or not.

It is quite freeing living in such a society. I hate my skinny legs I just can't get that leggings and jeggings look as they make me look like a wine glass or Gru or Henry the 8th, I have old man legs! I have leggings to wear under dresses that fall below the calf, I have skinny legs with muscular calves hence the Henry 8th resemblance when I wear them as I have very wide shoulders and by wide I mean wide. I discovered the delights of lagen look tulip skirts and very full pants giving more balance to my lower half and giving me the look as if I might have some curve to the legs when in fact i havn't.

I think my shape bothers me so much as I love symetry and I am like a big person glued to some skinny legs. Jacque, as far as I'm concerned, leggings are in this winter. As long as you wear a longer top that covers your butt, you'll look fine.

T ps I don't care what's "in". If something looks good on me or you or anyone , it's "in". It's called "street style" and no woman of any age has to follow fashion trends unless she finds them comfortable and flattering.

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