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The internet has made life better in an inconceivable number of ways, but at the same time there are still some things that spark nostalgia for pre-internet days. Recently I got to thinking about the mail order catalog. While it still exists, the catalog has definitely faded into the background of.

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Catalog Shopping in Germany

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Some companies have a small product range, while some of the larger companies offer over , articles in their catalog sales alone. Statistically, Germany is reported to have more specialty providers than general retailers; and thanks to the stress-free home shopping its distance-selling turnover in totaled In spite of the dramatic increase in online shopping, German mail order houses still send out hundreds of different types of catalogs directly to mail boxes throughout the country and the popularity of catalogs remains very high.

Most of the large catalog houses publish a main catalog that can have up to several hundred pages. There are also seasonal catalogs that are sent out at different times throughout the year.

Catalog houses advertise heavily so you may receive something unsolicited in the mail. Sometimes it's the catalog itself or a self-addressed postcard with an invitation to order the catalog.

Larger houses, such as Otto or Heine may send regular postcard invitations asking 'occupants' to fill-in and return the card for a free gift. Or, you can use the buddy system. This means if a friend has a catalog you like and refers you to that particular catalog house, your new home-shopping buddy receives a nifty gift while you get a catalog. With your name on 'the list' you'll be surprised at how many new catalogs or invitations to order new catalogs you'll receive.

You can also visit the website of a mail order house you want to shop with and order the catalog there. Many catalog houses will not send catalogs nor will they process or send orders to addresses outside of Germany. Some will send catalogs and orders to neighboring countries, but for the most part companies will not send out catalogs or orders to overseas addresses.

On the catalog order page there will normally be an explanation of who can receive a catalog and subsequent orders. High shipping costs and import taxes on items are often deterrents to offering catalogs and products to overseas customers. Otto also runs the Quelle online shopping site that offers many specialty catalogs. There are also dozens of specialty catalogs from individual companies offering every product imaginable. Büro Plus , Discount , Misco , Staples , and Printus are some of the mail order houses that offer a wide range of office supplies from paper clips to computer parts, programs, cables, disks, CD-ROMs and other administrative necessities.

If you are shopping from your new catalog, placing orders requires only the most rudimentary German language skills. Order forms in the catalog are simple and easy to read. There's a place for your name and complete address and if it's your first time to order you may be required to give your date of birth. This is needed for a background credit check. The majority of the mail order houses bank on the fact that German residents are registered with the local police, thus eliminating or lessening the chances for fraud.

To order the merchandise using an order form from the catalog fill in the product or item number, then the number of items desired, color, size and price. You are required to sign and date the form before mailing or faxing it in. If you feel comfortable speaking German, you can always phone in your order. Many mail order houses have hour operators on duty. In many cases you can go to the website of the catalog company and put in the item number from the catalog and proceed from there.

Payment terms are usually uncomplicated. Most mail order houses set a credit limit for first-time customers. When you reach that limit they notify you per post that some or most of your order cannot be filled. Other houses require first-timers to pay upon receipt. If you are an established customer you can exercise options: If you select to pay in monthly installments but end up paying the amount in full before the monthly rate is due, you can telephone the mail order customer service department to have the interest charges adjusted.

Germany has just as many, if not more, television shopping channels as most developed countries. There are also a number of shopping channels that specialize in certain product categories. As with television shopping channels in other countries there are round the clock product demonstrations of different products. Blocks of time are normally set for different product categories — household goods, home improvement etc.

Ordering can either be done by telephone or over the internet. Online shopping in Germany is very popular and the experience is quite similar to online shopping in just about all other countries. There are websites that aggregate and consolidate various items from different suppliers. There are specialized sites that only offer online ordering. There are websites for major chain stores and department stores as well as websites for smaller, independently operated stores that will process and ship orders from online customers.

Parts Express was established in Their product line includes a fine selection of audio and video parts and accessories. Items range from component audio video cables, loudspeaker cabinets, speaker mounting brackets, speaker parts, and other components. A full line of products for quality home and professional installations is available at highly discounted wholesale prices. Note that Parts Express ship their printed catalogs only in the US.

TigerDirect was originally established to serve the needs of computer users - by presenting them with some of the best computer deals on the net. Since Electronic Express has been delivering top quality, name brand electronics at exceptionally low prices. If you're looking for the newest in electronic gear for your home, office, car or on-the-go, Electronic Express has it. Heartland America inventory covers electronics, house ware, tools, automotive, computers, etc. You would not find the vast range of electronics as available at say, Parts Express, but you would find some of the best deals on available products.

The Heartland America catalog is not a purely electronics catalog, yet in view of the large inventory and the great discounts, it is surely worth having around in the house. Note that Heartland America ship their printed catalogs only in the US.

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