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I agree with you. I will sit on the computer for hours instead! Retrieved September 13, She did not need to do it like that.

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Nike, Inc. (/ ˈ n aɪ k i /) is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan is the world's largest supplier .
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Soccer is a game that is primarily played with your feet; therefore, your most important piece of soccer equipment is your footwear. There are variations of the basic Soccer shoes designed for different skill levels, weather conditions, and field types.

They stated that the people who designed it were skateboarders and Minor Threat fans themselves who created the advertisement out of respect and appreciation for the band. As part of the 6. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino expressed his objection to the shirts after seeing them in a window display at the city's Niketown and asked the store to remove the display.

A company official stated the shirts were meant to pay homage to extreme sports, and that Nike does not condone the illegal use of drugs. In June , Nike signed an 8-year deal with the NBA to become the official uniform supplier for the league, beginning with the —18 season.

The brand took over for Adidas , who provided the uniforms for the league since Unlike previous deals, Nike's logo appear on NBA jerseys — a first for the league. Nike pays top athletes in many sports to use their products and promote and advertise their technology and design.

The first track endorser was distance runner Steve Prefontaine. Prefontaine was the prized pupil of the company's co-founder, Bill Bowerman , while he coached at the University of Oregon. Today, the Steve Prefontaine Building is named in his honor at Nike's corporate headquarters. Nike has also sponsored many other successful track and field athletes over the years, such as Carl Lewis , Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Sebastian Coe.

The signing of basketball player Michael Jordan in , with his subsequent promotion of Nike over the course of his career, with Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon , proved to be one of the biggest boosts to Nike's publicity and sales.

Nike is a major sponsor of the athletic programs at Penn State University and named its first child care facility after Joe Paterno when it opened in at the company's headquarters.

Nike originally announced it would not remove Paterno's name from the building in the wake of the Penn State sex abuse scandal. A new name has yet to be announced. In , Nike carried a commercial partnership with the Asian Football Confederation. Nike has sponsored Tiger Woods for much of his career. The deal includes using Nike's range of golf clubs , a move Nick Faldo previously described as "dangerous" for McIlroy's game. Nike has been the official kit sponsor for the Indian cricket team since In August , Nike announced that they will not renew their kit supply deal with Manchester United after the —15 season, citing rising costs.

The company maintains strong ties, both directly and indirectly through partnership with Phil Knight , with the University of Oregon. Nike designs the University of Oregon football program's team attire.

New unique combinations are issued before every game day. Phil Knight has invested substantial personal funds towards developing and maintaining the university's athletic apparatus.

The company's goal is to raise and send funds, for education and medical assistance to those who live in areas heavily effected by AIDS. The Nike Community Ambassador Program, allows Nike employees from around the world to go out and give to their community. Over 3, employees from various Nike stores have participated in teaching children to be active and healthy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the sportswear and apparel company. For other uses of the name "Nike", see Nike disambiguation. Apparel Accessories Sports equipment.

Bill Bowerman Phil Knight. This section relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. List of Nike sponsorships.

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Retrieved February 21, Sportswear giants Nike to end Manchester United sponsorship". Retrieved August 7, Retrieved July 14, Retrieved 7 June Agree or disagree, it is the right of every American to have their voice heard. I wanted to personally thank you for having the integrity to embrace the idea of dissent regardless of the initial impact of the bottom line.

I know this decision has cost you money today, but while it has effected your bottom line, you have done something that has rejuvenated the conversation of what is right. If your strategy was to get attention, you definitely accomplished it. Not all attention is good attention. Anyone working for your company should be embarrassed to have such a disrespectful idiot representing their company.

I hope the shareholders, which I am glad not to be one, calls for the resignation of the Director of Marketing and CEO. Shame on you Nike!! I will never purchase a product from you again, but maybe that is the point! You cater to a certain group that will pay your ridiculous prices, and think this whole thing is cute. Have purchased nothing but Nike shoes for the last 4 decades. He and now Nike is a disgrace to those who have fought for all the blessings we in this country enjoy.

In other countries, this disrespectful behavior would have him and Nike behind bars. Nike is a disappointment too say the least. This Pittsburgh Pa mom of 3 just put their Nike shoes in the trash. I want no parts of it…. Not sure who is making these decisions for your company, but you may want to rethink your strategy of having someone that disrespects our country and our veterans be the face of your company.

As long as you choose to have Colin Kapernick to be a spokesperson for your company, I will choose to not purchase any Nike products!!!

Just a note to let you know how disgusted I am with your decision to have that immoral bench warmer be the face of your new campaign. Why not pick an American who stands for the right things and can be someone we could look up to.

I will no longer support your brand. God bless America and stand proud not kneel. Meanwhile Nike stock falls 3 per cent at the open of trading Tuesday morning. Who does your marketing research? Do you really think pandering to a certain demographic that is committed to: After all, Kaepernick is suing the NFL owners. Michael Greenberg, the founder and president of the trendy shoe company Skechers U. Finally, does NIKE really think pandering to a certain demographic movement that is committed to: There is also a campaign to persuade institutional investors world-wide to dump NIKE stock.

Dear NiKE I have worn Nike products since early s my children have grown up wearing Nike and swoosh,but all that has stopped. I will never allow anybody to wear the Nike brand in my house ever again.

I beg all parents to teach their kids to be do the same. Nike I see as not cool anymore with Kaepernick ad. He is not a hero and looks down at our military. He hates the police and our country. Is that what Nike stands for? If he supports a cause, work on it outside of your job and stop disrespecting our national anthem.

We will buy Under Armor and Adidas now. As for me and my house, we stand for the National Anthem. I have always been and will continue to be a NIKE supporter.

Thank you for serving our country!! You are a true patriot, while Nike and Colin are Anti-America. How much more disrespectful can one get than hiring someone akin to Colin, a true America-Hater. They should have Communistic Flag instead, after making a fatal mistake in hiring Colin Kaepernick. With much regard, Cricket Marsico. I will no longer purchase Nike shoes or clothing.

The other members of my unit feel that you have slapped the faces of military, patriots and our country. We will no longer support any of your efforts and will boycott Nike and any venue you support. In effect we are taking a knee for our country against and Nike. Kapernick is a poor image to hold up to our children! Hope you enjoy each other because you deserve one another.

My family has purchased Nike products for years but will definitely give second thoughts to doing so in the future. Your decision is based upon the freedom that out founding fathers bestowed upon us. If millionaires want to express displeasure with the United States let them put their money where their mouth is.

I for one purchased Nike stock and purchased my first pair of Nike shoes. Stock will be sold today and no more Nike products for our family. Colin Kaepernick , seriously? I have a new product design for sockliner, it can be used on any kind of shoes, this product is suitable for people of all ages. I would like an update on my application. I have been in the retail business since I have been managing people since Though this would be a new field for me, I am confident that I can bring the results that you request.

You can send me the HR contact number if that would be better. Please let me know if you received my application and have reviewed. The last two years I have been unable to buy my kids school shoes or supplies due to financial difficulties. My son, his name is eli he is 7 years old. He got bullied last year because of his shoes. So you can only imagine how stoked he was to have a pair of brand new nikes.

I am completely straped on funds. My father actuallyf died three times and was resuscitated and is finally out of the hospital and doing well right now. I am literally on the titanic. I emailed ceo of nike and to my surprise not a single response so maybe everyone may think I am being ridiculous but for me and my seven kids these shoes was are very important and was our new beginning in new shoes on our way to a good school year this year feeling and looking good and my poor guy eli is now not wanting to go to school because kids are so mean now adays please if someone could help or lead me in the right direction.

I can assure you my family will never buy your product, even if you apologize. This is regarding the Nike Store in Camarillo. I have twin grandchildren who will be three in about a week.

They check their clothes and shoes to make sure they are Nike otherwise they will not wear them. I believe they are your youngest consumers who choose to wear nothing but Nike just like their big sisters. Walked off my job at Nike, Shelby drive and Tuggle location. I loved what I did! Got tired of being called the white one. Have over heard upper management say such things as eventually we will get rid of all the white folks.

Got over looked on positions! Was through Simos temp services. The worst racist are in sports balls! Regina, Mrs Woods and Simos supervisors do not want anyone white in there! My name is nick asmo and a huge fan of Nike. I always purchase three of the same shoes when I buy a pair of Nike shoes. However, the set I purchased in the last year all three pairs had the same issue and the anterior top portion has ripped where my toes go.

As a result, I cannot wear them. They are my favorite most comfortable shoes but they all ripped by the toe within a month of wearing them. Is there any way of getting a credit or a new pair of shoes similar to the ones I love that fell apart way to early. Please let me know your thoughts and I appreciate your consideration. My young children scrapped their money together to make sure that I had a nice birthday gift in July. They bought me the new model of the Nike flip flops.

They have already broken. Everyone in my family wears Nike tennis shoes. We have always been satisfied up until this point. I would like to know if your products have a guarantee or warranty? I wear a size Please, please, please offer the Jack Purcell line in the original design AND in sizes larger than I am a runner and so is my 7 year old daughter.

We love your product but I wish your girls sizes for my kid had black bottoms instead of white… a Nike free run with black bottoms instead of the the thick solid white would be appreciated.

A very frustrated but loyal customer. We live in Malaysia and buy a large amount of Nike sports shoes for our 2 talented sons. This year alone we have spent USD. Our sons are agegroup champions at Triathlon and distance running. They are Nike mad and have spikes, basketball shoes, football trainers and boots, running trainers and racing shoes. Only Nike is good enough! They are role models for the international school kids who aspire to achieve what they have done.

I have written to Nike for assistance without reply. Indeed contacting Nike Malaysia is very difficult. No email, wrong phone numbers, wrong address etc. I think Nike do not want to be found! I really think that at least the international contact information should be kept up to date! Our teenage boys are forever outgrowing their Nike shoes and frankly we would like to speak to someone to see if there are opportunities for sponsorship.

Would be grateful for any feedback. What a huge disappointed this shoe is… time to change shoe companys. On September 6, I was on vacation visiting your store at 20 city Blvd, space in Orange, California when a metal plate from your light fixture fell from your ceiling and hit my head. Unfortunately I am still having headaches and need the claim number. The store employee indicated that someone would contact me And also provide me with the incident report and pictures. I bought my oldest son some Nike basketball shoes.

He only wore them on the gym floor for just a few weeks then one of the shoes came apart!! I purchased Nike interchange s sunglasses a while back. I like the glasses. They are sunglasses that are marketed towards the lenses being interchangeable.

However, when trying to find replacement lenses Nike transfers you to a company called Marshawn eyewear. Will be buying other athletic apparel and sporting equipment for myself and my kids from now on.

I have made a purchase of shoe for my friend from your Nike store J. M Road, Pune, India on dated , as i have made a purchase of this shoe to give him a gift, but unfortunately my friend has met an accident and he got dead in that accident, so i was unable to use that shoe for my self too, now i was looking for a exchange of the product at your store located Dev arcade mall, S.

So please help me out, as i am your regular customer and using the product from last 12 years. I retired in and served my entire career in the Signal Corps. I would even be willing to pay for an actual helmet as well, Signal Corps of course. Is this even possible?

I can tell you that you would have the entire Army interested in buying this helmet to place in their work place or in their hobby room. I went to go buy nike shoes which that is the only shoes i buy.

But now in any nike shoes i like i can not get any shoes in wide withe. I am tired of buying the same shoe all the time. Well i guess i have to switch to a different brand. Yet II have an investment opportunity for of course Nike to grow, but in a way that will impact Youth, in way unheard of using methods in which competitors would wish they had.

Involving able Veterans, with the Veteran Affairs full backing once in place. II am not asking for a financial handout, II am asking for You and necessary team members to listen and read over entire plan. It is an all around positive for all involved, negative thoughts need not respond. Thank You for Your time in reading this, have a blessed day.

My names is Thomas MacNeill. I am legally blind and is contacting you as A very frustrated and disappointed would be customer. I called into Nike. At this time a family member was on the Nike labs webpage tying get me them for my birthday I found out.

I feel there was unfair practices taking please here ans that being animated buying techniques at the time of this launch. There must of been Some kind of robotic buying technique in order for all these shoes to sold out and not done buy the The actual public. On Nikelabs Twitter numoresss reports of people not being able to buy and sold out prompts in the same time frame support this. In how I feel this being unfair buying techniques that me and other real interested customers feel.

I also feel Maybe That your company never made these quantities available. Or that there was some kind of glitch with the website. If that was true this shoe collection launch was set up to fail and was mishandled by Nikelabs Nikelabs Twitter and Nike. They all disrespected those who were willing to hand over their hard earn money to your company but was turned away for those who will but then on auction sites that will make them Only available at dishonest Prices.

When I went to cashier, a part-time staff forced to pull the pants out from he hangers. Customers would not buy if the shape of the collar is not good.

A lady had just passed by right behind him at that time. I then asked the lady if she could speak Chinese or not. The lady asked me that what kind of Chinese. I told her Cantonese. I told the lady what the problem was. I told her that it is not the point I want it or not. It was about the part-time staff handle the merchandise for customers not properly. She then just said OK and walked away.

As one of the most popular and famous brand of products, is the reaction of the lady like that? What kind of customer services you provided? Are the customers first? That lady is one of the managers in that outlet. She is in what manner to treat customers! Originally, I want her to tell the part-time staff about his mistake. At last, she laughed and spoke to her subordinates loudly and asked her subordinates that her attitudes has problems and is not polite.

The lady might be Canadian borned Chinese with Chinese look and can speak Cantonese. She did not need to do it like that. As a manager, can she handle cases with customers like this?

She is in what manner to treat customers? With her attitudes, I felt offended. Please look into this matter and avoid the similar case happened again. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. At the end, I had walked out from the shop, she was yelling at me loudly to take care. I am not a walking properly person. Are they smoking crack??? You should be ashamed of yourselves!!! I am 45 years old and have been wearing Nike shoes and apparel faithfully since I was a pre-teen.

Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Asics, etc. On the practical side, super bad business practices to kill off your potential customers. Why would you bother to make infant or children shoes? With the way you dump money into Planned Parenthood —the worst oxymoron ever!!!! Companies like you make me sick as you talk about sustainability…. How about sustain life??? I purchased a pair of rare Jordan Flight Runner golf shoes from a third party on line. Nike Incident I usually wear a 10 but when I received the shoes, I needed a half size larger.

The shoes came with a return slip, so I returned them for resize using the return paperwork. I sent them using UPS and the tracking number indicated that the box containing my shoes was delivered to the Nike warehouse as per instructions. When pressed and I supplied the UPS tracking , the story was changed to any unauthorized returns returned to the Nike warehouse were destroyed. Instead, I was advised that they could not locate my shoes and they directed me to their management department.

That is totally unacceptable. Someone at that Nike warehouse now has a pair of rare Jordan golf shoes at my expense. My shoes were delivered to Nike and then they just disappeared. I cannot imagine that someone at Nike would destroy those shoes instead of returning them to their rightful owner. I would not have expected this behavior from a company like Nike.

Please use my email address for correspondence, Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I was hoping to find a way to get a hold of Tinker Hatfield. But one piece was his ultimate grail — Nike Air Mags in size They were won via the charity auction and we still have the shipping box, which it was neatly stored in all these years. The culprits took everything, every single pair leaving just the shelving unit and the Air Mag shipping box.

Needless to say, walking into our unit and seeing the emptiness of everything that my husband worked hard for and collected over the past 10 years, was an absolute nightmare. It was an overwhelming ordeal trying to work with U-Haul, insurance and the police department. No one wanted to spend the time viewing the surveillance tapes and after nearly a month, was given the surveillance footage to review them ourselves since no one seemed to have the time do so.

The Air Mags alone were worth more than that — this was a devastating hit, but we really needed to get away from all the turmoil and negativity. I tried procuring help with a GoFundMe campaign and was unsuccessful with raising anything. Now at 6 months out, the pain and suffering still lingers and I cope with a depressed spouse which in turn makes me depressed as well.

I wish there was a way to find where that pair ended up and just get them back for him. I want to make it right again and I wish every day that I would find that glimmer of hope.

Thank you for taking the time to read. As a concerned citizen of the United States of America, I am writing to whom it may concern for an appeal to all businesses, corporations, organizations, and associations that use or support slavery by buying goods or services from groups that are slave based.

Slavery takes away basic human rights and desires, such as imagination, knowledge, and even freedom. My first point is that slavery can take away peoples imagination and turn them into a simple machine with no thought for themselves. Without imagination you cannot be whole, imagine a world with nothing but big grey buildings all exactly alike. Additionally, knowledge is something that has driven the human race to explore beyond what anyone could even comprehend.

Our craving for knowledge, arguably, is what has pushed us and placed us above and beyond to build communities and cites with buildings that touch the clouds.

My last, yet most important point, is simple…freedom. Do you know that feeling that feeling where you wake up and you open the window to feel the sunlight reflecting onto your skin, and a gentle breeze sliding across your face? Slavery takes away basic human rights and desires, but if people open there eyes then we can put a stop to it. Hello, my name is David Smith! I am a local artist of Colorado. I drew a phototype of a Nike bowling shoe.

Or, which ever class. I want to show you, to see if you are interested in the picture, or design. I have been contacting you for seveal years in reference to Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods. They both are in the crossroads of their careers. No one has ever studied golf keys like I have for more than 50 years. I have studied both of them since their college days and ALL the trials and frustrations of being inconsistent, especially now.

All I need is two four hour sessions and two rounds of golf individually. I will not be playing, just coaching. I purchased a pair of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31, 5 months ago. The special heel cup has become deformed and I am not able to wear them only after 5 months. I contacted Nike, sent them in for inspection and was told normal wear and tear, from excessive heat or water. I have never contacted Nike for a problem with any of their shoes until now.

I am just blown away that I am being told it is my fault, that these shoes are not standing up to the Nike name.. I have worn and loved the Nike Eclipse sneaker for the past few years, but to my dismay they have changed them! Last year I bought the Eclipse herring bone sneaker and loved it! Again — more a running shoe than a walking shoe. Bring back the old Eclipse sneakers!!! Nike has enough running shoes and the only time I would run is if there is a fire on my butt.

Today is January 17th, one of his shoe lace holder has broken. This happen sometime last week. He cannot lace up his shoe properly. I believe this to be a manufacturing problem. He takes care of this shoes. I am a single parent. I work hard for my money. Not to throw it away on Nike expense. Can you please contact me with a resolution to this problem? We think it is time for NIKE to hire some different people in their design office. I have been wearing Nikes since i could walk Nike is my favorite brand I i just like all the shoe that are produced from Nike SB to Air Force ones, Dunks, Deion Sanders signature shoe the list goes on and on.

As an athelete no question Nike was my choice of shoe on the court, the Kobe zoom 1 the Kobe Elite 9 and many more. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque Iowa.

My two passions in life would include sports and sneakers. I want to be a basketball coach but when asked what was my dream job it has been the same since 1st grade get at job with Nike. This email is my way of making that first step into where I would personally love to be because my passion for the Nike brand truely runs deep. Nike… My kids stood in several lines like the 7th in line in all the lines they stood injust to be turned around. The stores are giving away the tickets to people they know and that not fair to other people.

I went to take my dog outside for him to go to the bathroom and I noticed when I came inside that my right shoe was lower than my left one. I just got these shoes not to long ago. I would appreciate it. Your shopping experience sucks. Your online stores are crap. And the worst part is your shoes arent even made in america instead from slave labor in other countries. The company is Le-Vel. I loved that every middle class person could enjoy style and comfort at a affordable price.

You represented every hard working teenager, thug, jock or nerd during my generation. If I do decide to purchase these shoes because my son has worked for everything. He deserves the excitement of a woman buying a dollar purse. How ever, I am not excited about it. The only thing that the shoes will get as they are worn out and thrown in the trash 1 year later along with my money. Is a memory of how many people said.

Kind of like when we thought red wings and zcavaricci pants tucked and rolled were cool. Man why should kids pay this much to look stupid two years later. Fashion sucks it causes bullying and signs of social clicks and class. When I was a teenager and heard just do it! I thought I could change the world, jump higher, run faster and look good doing it wearing nike swoosh symbol. But no thanks to your high price tags so the younger generation feels as good as we all did.

Signed proud parent of a fashion teenager victim. You have alienated an entire group of high school athletes who will have to buy a different brand!

I wished Nike would take part like Adidas and offer employee store coupon if you belong to a fitness center. I am sure us senior citizens would really appreciate it. Trying to stay fit and healthy is what is being recommended. I truly like Nike products and would prefer to shop there. Thank you for your time.

I am a high school basketball coach in a small school in Northeast Washington. Our area suffers from the highest unemployment rate in Washington State. As a school, we are essentially the social life of the community. Our sports programs depend on passing levies and local community groups and clubs and our programs suffer greatly for specific needs that ought to be provided but are not.

As an example, we have no sports towels.. Zip, nada, none which results in our teams and PE participants not showering after a workout. I believe hygiene is very important but do not know how to help the kids.

So, I am asking if there is any way Nike can assist knowing that the we cannot look like we have zero ability to look like we being sponsored…That being said, anything would help. It came on suddenly out of nowhere. A bone marrow transplant is the only thing that will totally cure her.

She is being hospitalized today for the next 14 days to under go a very complex treatment in hopes it can put it in remission. She has had blood transfusions and a couple of painful procedures in the past 3 weeks.

I believe i have a good idea to share with NIKE. I also believe it could bring in a considerable amount of revenue. Instagram name is zm and YouTube is fastest 6 year old on the planet beating 2 boys for the M DASH we are also looking for a sponsor it would be awesome to have you guys as a sponsor an make other parents and kids as dedicated as us am throw even a more upward scale in your shoes hope to to hear back from you all.

Your customer service is horrible. And, expect the same from any other human being with a heart. That man is a monster! If you insist on supporting him, we will not support you. I have been waiting in line for two days to get my daughter the gamma blues 11, and the stores did not have tickets. They gave them out two weeks before the shoes came out.

Some stores had a raffle for them. I am single parent barely making it and I have to tell my asthmatic daughter that she can not get them for Christmas. It is real bad that they only get a few pair of 7 youth at each store! What can you do to not make my child be disappointment for Christmas? I feel these shoes should last much longer and I hesitate to buy another pair. Would you be interested in a quote for sport cords? Thank you and be sure to check out our site at http: I have purchase an nike shoes and now facing problem in warrenty replacment no budy help nor dealer and reatller.

Want to make sure Nike sees your comment or complaint? Share your experience to get more attention. Jamba Juice Corporate Office. I will no longer buy your products because of Colin Kaepernick. As an American Veteran I am so disappointed in your selection of an athlete who puts self over others… Reply.

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