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Our men's hats offer head coverage for men with and without hair loss. With multiple designs to choose from, the hats that we feature are designed specifically with a man's taste in mind. From traditional styles to the unconventional, we have designed styles that are perfectly tailored to your personal style.

A woman's hat of the Middle Ages.

Mens Fall and Winter hats are typically those made from wool felt, fur felt, and even leather. Here we have collected a great selection of hats for those cold fall and winter months in the form of wide brim safari and outbacks, ascot and flat caps, beanies, and more!
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Outdoor Hats Whether braving the cold or shading your face from harmful ultraviolet rays, the rugged outdoorsman hat gets the job done. Made to stand up to the task of providing protection and comfort, these hats are the perfect companions on a hike or while doing yard work.
From cowboy hats to trilby fedoras, we have all the top names in fashionable and trusted mens hats.
Shop men's hats online and bring home a stellar product that you'll return to season after season. Academy is world-famous for everyday low prices. Everyone should be able to afford the quality apparel they need to properly enjoy the outdoors, at any time of year. In this assortment, you'll find name-brand hats at an exceptional value.

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A classic shape paired with impeccable styling makes this our most popular hat. Shop our men's fedoras for instant style. The most popular hat for men and women alike. Whether stingy brim, wide brim, flip up, trilby or homburg, we have a variety of fedora hats for you.

For a great looking silhouette, there is nothing classier than a hat made by Bailey of Hollywood. This Bailey Curtis Fedora is in the Litefelt line, which combines traditional artisanship with moder Whether you are a male or female, our Riff Wool Fedora will accentuate many styles.

This Bailey of Hollywood hat features LiteFelt polished wool that is water repellant and finished with a luxurious s The Poet collection was inspired by the ruggedness, courage and fortitude that shaped the old American West, as well as its style.

Featured leather that has been treated with waxes and oils to help repel the rain and Buffalo nickel coins around the band. A beautfully made crushable hat made of waterproof Australian wool with a genuine leather hatband and chin cord. A great addition to your wardrobe, this outback styled fedora is both crushable and waterproof and includes a chin cord with a two-tone hatband. Warning outback fedora features a softer brim and is both crushable and waterproof.

A bold two-tone look will complement most of your looks. Sometimes associated with livestock slaughter. An Australian brand of bush hat, whose wide-brimmed styles are a distinctive part of Australian culture, especially in rural areas. A traditional Korean winter cap mostly worn by women in the Joseon and Daehan Jeguk periods — Sometimes only the eyes or eyes and mouth are visible.

Also known as a ski mask. Traditional Scottish bonnet or cap worn with Scottish Highland dress. A floppy fabric pull-on hat, usually worn with its top flopped down.

In red, it is now used as a symbol of Catalan identity. A brimless cap, with or without a small visor , once popular among school boys. Sometimes includes a propeller. The tall, furry hat of the Brigade of Guards ' full-dress uniform, originally designed to protect them against sword-cuts, etc.

Commonly seen at Buckingham Palace in London , England. Sometimes mistakenly identified as a busby. A soft round cap, usually of woollen felt, with a bulging flat crown and tight-fitting brimless headband. Worn by both men and women and traditionally associated with France , Basque people , and the military. Often part of [European?

A broad-brimmed felt hat with brim folded up and pinned front and back to create a long-horned shape. Also known as a cocked hat. Worn by European military officers in the s and, as illustrated, commonly associated with Napoleon. A square cap with three or four ridges or peaks worn by Roman Catholic and some Anglican and Lutheran clergy. A traditional Javanese man's hat, basically divided into many kind, depends on the origin of their ethnicity.

A flat-brimmed and flat-topped straw hat formerly worn by seamen. Schools, especially public schools in the UK , might include a boater as part of their summer uniform. Now mostly worn at summer regattas or formal garden parties , often with a ribbon in club, college or school colors. A soft, wide-brimmed cotton hat commonly used by military forces.

Also known as a bush hat and similar to a bucket hat. Boss of the plains. A lightweight all-weather hat, with a high rounded crown and wide flat brim, designed by John B. Stetson for the demands of the American frontier. A type of decorative cap mainly worn in the 19th and early 20th century with sleepwear or lingerie.

A hard felt hat with a rounded crown created in by Lock's of St James's , the hatters to Thomas Coke, 2nd Earl of Leicester , for his servants. More commonly known as a Derby in the United States. A woman's hat with round crown and deep brim turned upwards all the way round. Said to be based on hats worn by Breton agricultural workers. Also known as a " Smokey Bear " hat. A broad-brimmed felt or straw hat with high crown, pinched symmetrically at its four corners the "Montana crease".

A conical pointed hat with eye holes. Most associated with the Ku Klux Klan , but used elsewhere in other contexts such as the example illustrated, featuring people from Nazareno processing during Holy Week in Spain. A hat worn between the s and s in England and northwestern Europe. Also known as a " Pilgrim hat" in the United States. Wide-brimmed and shallow-crowned hat, normally worn at an angle. Popular from s but most closely associated with ss fashion.

A traditional horse hair hat dating back to 10th century China, which later became popular among the yangban of Joseon Dynasty Korea as an alternative to the gat. A woven cap, typical of Chiloé Archipelago , that is made of coarse raw wool and usually topped by a pom-pom.

Peruvian or Bolivian hat with ear-flaps made from vicuña , alpaca , llama or sheep's wool. A bell -shaped ladies' hat that was popular during the Roaring Twenties. A type of soft cap traditionally worn by cricket players.

A traditional flat-brimmed and flat-topped hat originating from Córdoba, Spain , associated with flamenco dancing and music and popularized by characters such as Zorro.

A conical straw hat associated with East and Southeast Asia. Sometimes known as a "coolie hat", although the term "coolie" may be interpreted as derogatory. Fedora brims are flat, with no constructed edge or curl, and can be bent up or down as the wearer pleases.

The flexible brim gives the fedora a little more versatility than a stiffer style. It can be tilted down over the eyes for a hidden, mysterious look, or angled slightly upward for a more open profile. It has the same crown shape as a fedora, but the back is shorter than the front, creating an angle. Trilbys are typically worn with the brim snapped downward in front and upward in back, adding to the impression of a narrowing angle at the back of the hat.

The brim is smaller than on a fedora, usually only an inch or so wide. The style dates back to the turn of the 20th century, but in the 21st century it saw a revival as a youth style, particularly in music culture. It has the same creased crown, but without the pinches at the sides, and the brim is stiffer and has a slightly upturned lip all the way around. This is still the go-to dress hat of businessmen, politicians, and other well-to-do gentlemen in the western world.

A shorter style and therefore a good one for men who are already tall , a porkpie has a flattened top without a crease down the center. It is pinched at the sides like a fedora, creating a slightly triangular or wedge-shaped front.

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Men's Hats: Free Shipping on orders over $45 at Shop our collection to find the right style for you from Your Online Hats Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! Men's Hats We’ve got a huge assortment of masculine hats including fedoras, ivy & flat caps, beanies, baseball caps, and a whole lot more! Browse all the styles to find your favorites, or use the options on the left side of the screen to filter by color, shape, size, and several other attributes to find the exact hats that fit your style and. Mens Hats from Village Hat Shop. Mens hats are a passion at Village Hat Shop. We have trekked the globe in search of the best mens hats in order to make them available to you at the lowest prices. Village Hat Shop maintains an professional relationship with the top mens hat brands from around the world, such as Jaxon Hats, Borsalino, Signes, and City Sport Caps.

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